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I can’t stand this flower shop

I can’t stand this flower shop

I am so tired of living in this flower store, and it is so bad.

The owner says he has never seen anything like it in his life.

I walk into the shop and it has everything.

Flowers, chocolates, a flower, a bouquet of flowers, and, for $5, you can buy a couple of flowers.

There are no decorations or signs on the walls.

The flowers are just flowers and a little bit of decoration on the outside.

There is no sign of an actual flower shop.

The sign outside says that the shop is a family owned business and that the flower shop has been open for more than a century.

I don’t know how long they have been open.

I go inside and there is nothing in the store except flowers and chocolate.

The shop is so cluttered.

I am walking around in it and I am trying to look at all the different kinds of flowers and not notice the things that are inside.

I have never seen flowers in such a cluttered environment.

I asked the owner why he is so fixated on what he calls a “bunch of flowers.”

The owner replied that it is because they are the best and the best ones are only available for $10.

I think that is just silly.

The store sells everything that you can find at a flower shop—plants, shrubs, and flowers.

The only difference is that the prices are lower.

If you want a petunia, you pay $5 and it costs you $5.

If I am going to buy flowers for my son or daughter, I would rather buy flowers at a garden center or a specialty shop.

I find it strange that this flower place is so obsessed with flowers.

I would have liked to see a more relaxing place to shop and eat.

A lot of the things are too expensive.

It would be nice if it would sell flowers for free.

I wonder if there are some flower shops that have the space for flowers and that is not so crowded.

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