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The most beautiful flower shop in Arizona

The most beautiful flower shop in Arizona

The most gorgeous flower shop on the East Coast may not be in Arizona.

That honor goes to the Flowers for Animals in Scottsdale.

The charity is raising money for the children of veterans and their families by creating flower displays at its flower shops in Arizona and Nevada.

This past weekend, the charity brought flowers to Scottson for Veterans Day.

The charity, which has about 3,500 volunteers, is not affiliated with any other organizations, including the Arizona Cardinals, the Arizona Diamondbacks or the Arizona State University.

The Phoenix flower shop is known for its floral displays.

It’s one of the oldest flower shops on the West Coast, according to the Arizona Republic.

But the flowers are more than just an ornamental feature.

They are meant to be a sign of appreciation for veterans.

“We’re trying to get people to know that we do have compassion, we have compassion for the vets, we do care for our veterans,” Flowers for animals CEO and CEO Nancy Storrs said.

“And they’re not just flowers, they’re actually really important to us.”

Storrs has been working with the Phoenix-area charity since 2007.

Now she runs it like a full-fledged business.

The flowers are handmade and handcrafted, she said.

They’re meant to bring back memories for veterans who have been through the trauma of war and war-related illnesses.

Storres said the charity started in 2008 with just four employees.

Today it has more than 3,000 volunteers.

She said the organization works with local businesses and provides free flowers to veterans and other vets.

The Arizona Cardinals donated the proceeds from the sale of 10,000 roses to the charity.

The Arizona Diamondback donated the remaining $1 million.

The San Francisco 49ers also donated.

Stolle said she hopes to continue to raise money for veterans and veterans’ families in the future.

“There are more people that are doing these things than ever before,” Stolle told the Arizona Sun-Sentinel.

“We’re very thankful to be in this position.”

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