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How to spot the camelback floral shop in LA? It’s located in a parking lot

How to spot the camelback floral shop in LA? It’s located in a parking lot

LA, CA —  It’s a busy time of the year for LA flower shops, with many stalls selling floral goods for a price that can’t be beat in the city’s notoriously pricey market. 

But what are you going to do when you want to buy a flower?

If you’ve ever had the luxury of sitting at a floral shop or visited one, you know that it can be a challenge to navigate a confusing maze of floral stands.

“We have to find a way to make it easier,” said Ali, a LA flower seller who goes by “ali.”

“We have a lot of different types of flowers that are sold in LA.”

“The flower shop in the parking lot is definitely a lot easier,” added Ali, who goes to many flower shops in LA.

“It’s more relaxed because we don’t have to go to the store every day to look for the best ones.

It’s kind of a different atmosphere.”

Ali said that she tries to focus on her favorite flowers, and she tries not to look at the stalls as “gimmicks” when shopping for them.

She said that many of her customers are from Asia, and many of them bring their own boxes and boxes of flowers from their home countries.

And when they do shop, Ali said that her staff helps the customers find the right floral for their mood and taste.

“I’ve seen people come in with very particular floral tastes, but I don’t let them know that,” she said.

“If they want a light, bold flower, then they have to bring in a lighter one.

They can’t just buy a lot and forget about it.”

I try to stay away from the trendy flower stands, like the ones in Koreatown and Sunset Strip.

Ali said she has seen some customers bring in their own box and boxes for the floral items.

I can’t find a flower shop that has a full-time flower shop manager.

Ali added that she hopes to find one in her future neighborhood.

“I hope to do it in the next few months,” she joked.

There are some flower shops that do have full-timers, and Ali said they are always happy to help.

But it’s difficult to find people who have the patience to work all day in the floral department, Ali added.

In order to find someone who has the patience, Ali recommended that people stop by a floral stand for a few minutes before they leave the shop.

If you’re looking for a place to shop, I highly recommend going to the flower shop closest to you.

You might just get lucky and find something you love.

Some of Ali’s favorite floral shops are: Koronas, Korean farms, Lalitpur, La Mirada, LA, Malibu, Los Angeles, Memphis, New Orleans, Napa, Portland, San Diego, Sydney, Tijuana, Washington, West Palm Beach, Western California. 

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