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How to buy a floral dress for Valentine’s Day: ‘It’s an American thing’

How to buy a floral dress for Valentine’s Day: ‘It’s an American thing’

A flower shop in Arlington, Texas, is offering a Valentine’s day dress for $49.99, and it’s for men only.

“We’re a floral shop, so we always have floral dresses for men and women,” said owner Lisa Gifford.

“We had this dress for sale and people loved it so much we wanted to put it on the website and let people buy it online.”

Gifford said the dress was a perfect fit for the warmer weather.

“It’s a little bit more feminine than a regular floral dress, so if you have a dress that you like and you’re looking for something a little more feminine, we have that dress for you,” she said.

The dress, which is a white floral print with floral prints, is available online and at flower shops around the U.S.

A floral dress typically retails for about $80, and some shops sell them as gifts for a lower price.

“They’re so romantic and elegant,” said local floral shop owner and flower shop owner Tricia Williams.

“You want to wear it every day and be a lady.”

Williams said the floral dress was meant for a special occasion, not just for Valentine.

“A lot of times with wedding and anniversary parties, the dress is the centerpiece of the event, so it’s nice to see it on display for people to enjoy it,” she added.

“If you want to go on a romantic trip with your loved one, you might want to get this dress.”

For more information on Valentine’s date, click here.

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