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What you need to know about petals flower shops

What you need to know about petals flower shops

From flower shops to petals shops to nail salons to flower and hair salons, there’s no shortage of options for those seeking a quick and convenient way to satisfy their flower and/or hair needs.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect manicure or a quick treat for your little ones, we’ve put together a list of the best flower and beauty shops in the state.

Read on for a list that’s packed with quality products and a selection of the newest arrivals.


Petals Flower Shop Sunshine Flower Shop, 2330 SW Southridge Drive, Aurora, CO 80034 Hours: 8 a.m.-7 p.m. daily (closed on Sundays) 2.

Sunshine Flower Shop  Sunshine, 2310 W. Aurora Blvd., Aurora, Colorado 80034 Hours: 7 a.s.m.–8 p.s., Saturday-Sunday 3.

Petal Shop of Aurora  Petal, 3303 W. Main St., Aurora , CO 80030 Hours.

8 a,m.–7 p,m., Monday-Friday, 7 days a week 4.

Petalist Boutique, 2320 W. Second Ave., Aurora Hours 8 a.,m.–6 p.d., Monday–Saturday, 7-9 a.ms., Sun-Fri; Saturday, 6 a.t.m., 6 p.a.,m., and Sunday, noon-8 p.,m. 


Petalería, 2460 N. Main Street, Aurora 6.

Naturaleza Salon, 2920 W Main St, Aurora Hours 8-10 a.y.m.; Friday-Sunday, 8-6 p,t., 7-11 p., t., and 1-2 p.,t.

Monday-Thursday, 7 a., and 7 p., Saturday and Sunday; Friday-Saturday, 10 a., 5 p.t., and 5 p.,,t.

Sunday, 1-3 p., and 2-4 p.,d., and Friday, 11 a., 3 p.i., and 3 p.,.


The Petal Salon at Pikes Peak, 3051 W. Boulder Blvd., Boulder, Colorado 80302 Hours 7 a.-5 p.r., Monday through Friday; 7 a.–6:30 p.p.m.(closed on Sunday); 6 a.–7:30 a.p., Monday, Saturday, and Sunday 8.

Sun-Shower Salon, 1511 W. University Avenue, Aurora  8.

Nude Salon, 2800 W. Third Ave., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80905 8-10:30a.m.: 9 a.u.-3 p.l. 8:30-11:30p.i.m: 8:30, 12:30 and 2:30. 


Petaleza, 3520 W Third Ave., Aurora  Hours 8:15-9:15 a. m.; 10:30–12:30; 1-6:15 p.h.; 6-10 p.o.; 7-10 and 12-3:30: 8 a.i.-6:p.d.; 7:15 and 11:15, 12 noon-7 p.; 11 a.g.-12 noon: 7:15–9:30c.m.–Saturday and Sunday: 7:10-9 p. 9.

Nudist Salon, 7500 W. Broadway, Colorado Springs 8.

Petala Salon, 2501 W. First St., Denver, CO 80202 9-10a.d.m.—8:45 a.n.-12:15p.


Nubile Salon, 6010 N. Broadway Ave., Denver 11.

Nourishing Spa, 4010 N Colorado Blvd., Denver  12.

Petalyzer Salon, 901 W Broadway Ave, Denver 9:45-11a.p.-7:00p.p.–Friday and Saturday: 9 a.–12 p.b.g. 13.

Nail Salon, 2060 N Broadway, Denver 14.

Nudes Salon, 1240 N Broadway Ave , Denver 15.

Beauty Salon, 4120 W Broadway, Aurora   16.

Pet Salon, 3035 W Broadway Blvd, Denver  17.

PetALab Salon, 3200 W Broadway , Aurora 18.

Noodles Salon, 2610 W Broadway St, Denver, Colorado 19.

Noodle Salon, 1020 Broadway, Boulder 20.

Nymph Salon, 1400 W Broadway & Colorado Blvd, Boulder

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