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Australia’s most expensive flower shop: Bonita Flower Shop – What you need to know

Australia’s most expensive flower shop: Bonita Flower Shop – What you need to know

A small shop in a busy inner-city suburb is offering a flower shop experience unlike any other in the country.

Bonita Flower shop is a tiny boutique shop nestled into the back of a tidy shop with a small garden.

Its owners, Risa and Andrew, have opened the Bonita flower garden for free, for free.

“We wanted to bring our passion to the garden and have a little bit of fun with it, but we also want to bring in the whole community to enjoy the flower,” said Risa.

Mr and Mrs Bonita said the two started the business to bring some fresh fresh flowers into the market.

“The first thing we wanted to do was to bring back a little of the beauty that was here,” said Mr Bonita.

“And so, we went down to Bonita and we got our hands on some flowers and started to grow some and to see how they would go.”

Mr and Mr Bonity are also hoping to bring more customers to their small flower shop, with a few new offerings planned in the near future.

“A lot of people are very curious to try something new and we have something for everybody,” said Mrs Bonity.

“It’s just really a small shop but we want to create a little space to create and have fun with and enjoy,” said Andrew.

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