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The best new flowers in the UK

The best new flowers in the UK

Roses, blushing daisies, and potted flowers are the biggest sellers in the city of Bristol.

But there’s a whole host of new flowers that have been popping up in the market.

Here are some of our favourite.


The jjs flower store A small shop in a small town, the jjs flowers store in Chorley has a wide range of different plants to choose from.

“We have a range of all types of plants, but most of them are flowering plants,” owner Michael White says.

“So there are a lot of different types of flowers that you can buy.”

Here’s a selection of flowers you can choose from: jjs roses , roses of the bay, pink jj, pink, rose, rose of the jordan, jjs james, jj roses , jjs rose, james rose, pink rose, white jjs, pink flower, purple jjs Michael White, the owner of jjs Flowers, says you can have your own personalised selection of different flowers at his shop.


The mesa flower shop A similar shop in Cholmondeley, a small village in Northumberland, is a popular destination for young families looking for their first-hand experience of the local landscape.

The shop sells local roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, linden and rose petals.

“If you have a young family and you want to have the best of both worlds then you have to visit the mesa,” explains owner, Susan Stannard.

“You can get them flowers and they can get to know the surrounding areas.

And they can also get a look at the flowers themselves.

They can also go out and buy some flowers.”


The Amory flower store   Amory, a local branch of the Royal Botanic Gardens, is the oldest flower shop in Bristol.

“They sell all kinds of different varieties of flowers, some that you’ll never see anywhere else in the world, some you can’t see anywhere, and some that are not as common as they might seem,” explains the shop’s owner, Sue Jones.

Amory’s staff are passionate about their work, with the shop serving as a learning centre for those wanting to get into the business.


The floral nursery in Woking Woking, the capital of West Sussex, has some of the most stunning flower gardens in the country.

Located on the outskirts of the town, this is a beautiful place to visit with stunning views.

The Woking flower shop offers a wide selection of blooms from all over the world and offers some unique options for the ladies.


The flowers market in the park A lot of people get lost in the crowds of people lining up for the flowers at the flower market in a park in the City of London.

“The whole of the park is full of people waiting for flowers, so if you want some flowers you have got to come and wait for them,” explains Sarah Hill, the flower shop’s general manager.

The area around the flower markets is full with vendors selling flower baskets and trinkets.


The city centre flowers shop With so many flowers available, the city centre is a wonderful place to have a picnic.

“A lot have a lot to offer,” says Sarah Hill of the city’s flowers shop.

“Some have flowers that are pretty special.

Some are just flowers.”


The flower shop on the terrace of the Bristol zoo The Bristol Zoo has a lovely terrace on the south side of the zoo.

The Bristol Flower shop has been running in the same spot since 2003, and offers a full range of flowers.


The best flowers in London London’s flowers are always changing.

“I think there are about three or four shops here,” says Hill of Bristol’s flower shop.

She has seen a huge rise in demand since she started selling flowers at her shop.

“It’s not just the people that come here and see us, it’s the tourists that come in here, and they come to buy flowers.”


The most beautiful flowers in South Africa A shop on one of the main boulevards of Johannesburg has been selling flowers for more than 40 years.

“In South Africa you can find everything from a jasmine to a jade, and you can also find an oak tree and some tulips,” explains shop owner, Paul Naidoo.

Naidee says there are also quite a few varieties of jasmines and jade.


The latest flower shop opening in Wales The best part of Wales is that its still full of things to do!

“We opened our shop in Cardiff, but we are in Swansea, so we’re not yet open,” says shop owner Claire Brown.

“But we’re still open for business.

So we’ll have a

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