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“We’re sorry to hear about this,” writes a reader of the local newspaper

“We’re sorry to hear about this,” writes a reader of the local newspaper

article Richmond, Virginia, has a flower shop in a parking lot on one of its streets that has become a hub for local businesses, as well as a popular tourist attraction.

We’ve known for a while that the place is a little bit of a bustle, but after all, we live in a city with an airport, and it’s a beautiful place to visit.

“We were told by the owners that the flowers were sold out, and when we went, we went,” said a person who wished to remain anonymous.

They told us they were selling about 30 plants a day, but that was only about two or three per week.

I’m sure that’s a lot more than we can sell out in a month.

The person said that Richmond is one of the few places in the country that sells flowers at such high prices.

This is a real issue for the city of Richmond, said Richmond Mayor Kevin Kilpatrick.

He has been working with Richmond Police Department and the Department of General Services to help them solve the issue.

Richmond Police spokesman Sgt. Dave Smith said that they’ve spoken with the owners, and that they’re working to identify where the flowers are going to go.

He said that the store will remain open.

Kilpatrick said that many residents of Richmond have been frustrated by the flower shops in their area, and said that a new ordinance in the city could help to alleviate some of the pressure.

He said that in recent months, Richmond has been offering free flowers to residents who park in the street, and also has taken measures to increase awareness about the issue of parking and parking fees in the area.

There’s been a push for the City Council to pass the parking ordinance in 2017, but the proposal was dropped.

What do you think about the flower shop owners in Richmond?

Tell us about your thoughts in the comments below.

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