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When ‘The Good Wife’ comes to town: New York’s best flower shops

When ‘The Good Wife’ comes to town: New York’s best flower shops

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New York City’s flower shops are packed with fresh, handcrafted flowers, flowers and accessories.

Some are stocked with the same products as other stores, but they’re packed with special items.

“You can’t buy anything at any flower shop in New York unless it’s from the state of New York, and they’ll sell the exact same flower as if it were purchased in New Jersey,” said Rosemary Jaffe, the owner of Rosemary’s Flowers.

“The quality and uniqueness of what they make is really, really special.

They make every part of it.”

The owner of Jaffe’s Flowers says, even though the state sells flowers from all over the world, her store has a special place in the hearts of New Yorkers.

“I really do love New York,” Jaffe said.

“I really like it, I love everything about it.

It’s a really beautiful city.”

In addition to the flower shop, New York has several other flower shops and restaurants that offer specialty flowers.

For example, there are flower shops in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

“There’s a lot of great restaurants that are a little bit farther down the coast,” said Jessica Bieler, who runs Bielers Fine Flowers.

In addition, there’s a very large variety of handmade, handmade flowers available at flower shops across New York.

“We’re constantly getting more people wanting to come in and get some of these flowers,” Bieling said.

Bieler and Jaffe both run their flower shops with a small staff, but it’s been a lot easier to find some of their signature products than it was at the other flower stores they’ve owned in the city.

Brie Ann Rochon runs Rochons Fine Flowers in Chelsea.

Rochan’s business has become so popular that she’s even started her own flower shop called Rochones Fine Flowers to sell handmade flowers and specialty items.

She started selling handmade flowers when she was young, and now she sells them on the street as well.

“People come here and they just come in here and try to find a piece of jewelry or they come in there and they say, ‘Can I buy a flower?’ and I’ll say, yes, it can,” she said.

“It’s so hard to find quality handmade flowers.

You have to walk around to find them, so they’re really expensive.”

While Rochona’s Fine Flowers is one of the few flower shops that can sell handmade, the owners said they can’t help but be a little overwhelmed when it comes to finding the right flower.

“Especially in New Orleans and New York it’s very expensive,” Rochone said.

Rochone’s Fine flowers also sells handmade candles, scarves and scarves that you can wear for special occasions, like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

If you’re looking for a particular type of flower or floral accessories, Rochoni said you can call one of her stores.

“If we need to get a piece that’s just for one occasion, we can get it,” she explained.

But, if you’re in the market for a flower, you can’t go wrong with Rochoones Fine Flower in Brooklyn.

“They sell flowers that you really can’t get anywhere else.

You can find them on Etsy, they can be found at the Whole Foods, and all over Etsy, you’re going to find it,” Ruchoni said.

While some of the flower shops have a small inventory of flowers, other flower businesses in the area are making it their mission to get the best quality of products for customers.

“Our business is always evolving.

We’re always looking to expand our product range and to improve the quality of our products,” Rutter said.

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