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Denton flowers shop owner’s Facebook post proves that ‘hate’ is a thing of the past

Denton flowers shop owner’s Facebook post proves that ‘hate’ is a thing of the past

The owner of a popular flower shop in Denton, Ohio, says he will stop selling flowers after receiving threats on social media from racists who called him a racist, a report said.

A photo posted by @Denton_Florist on Aug. 27, 2017 at 1:20 p.m.

EDT shows an unidentified woman holding a sign with the words “black people are trash” and “white people are garbage” over a picture of a man.

The photo was captioned with “You’re not worth a damn.

#racist,” according to the report.

The post has since been deleted, but the woman who posted it remains anonymous.

She told the Cincinnati Enquirer she made the post after receiving multiple messages and threats on Facebook, and that she would no longer sell flowers because of the comments.

She said she has not received any hate messages, but is concerned about what will happen when people see her online.

“I just want to let you know, you are not worth the damn.

That’s why I’m doing this,” the woman wrote.

“You have no place in my shop.

That makes no sense.”

The owner of Denton flower shops told the Enquireer he’s been receiving threats from racists and is afraid that if he makes a post on social network platforms like Facebook or Twitter, he could be attacked.

The owner also said that the owner’s business has been vandalized multiple times.

He did not have an immediate comment on whether he plans to stop selling the flowers.

The owners of the flower shops in Hamilton and Dayton said they have received dozens of hateful messages since the incident began.

The Enquireress has reached out to Denton and Dayton flower shops for comment.

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