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How to avoid rent and property tax headaches in Odessa

How to avoid rent and property tax headaches in Odessa

A new report shows that Odessa residents are having trouble paying their rent.

A report by Odessa Property Owners Association says that rent has gone up at least 5 percent since 2016 and it’s not just an issue in Odessans own homes.

The association says that since December of 2016, property tax bills have increased by nearly 70 percent.

“Property taxes are already more expensive than they were last year.

We have a growing need for additional revenue to support Odessa City Government’s budget.

The proposed property tax increases are not sufficient,” said OPA President and CEO Lillie Leibow.

Leibow says that Odessan property owners are paying nearly $50 more a month for their property tax than they would have paid in 2018, and she believes this trend is just getting worse.

The Odessa Public Utility Commission says that the city is on track to meet its projected 2018 budget and that the council is on board.

“I think it’s fair to say that, given the high level of revenue that we are going to be able to deliver, we will be able and willing to implement all of the tax and fees that the commission proposes,” said Public Utility Commissioner Michael D. Moseley.

The commission estimates that there will be $3.7 million to $4.4 million in additional revenue from the proposed tax increases.

“The council’s tax increases, on the other hand, are projected to raise the city’s budget by $5 million,” said Mosely.

The council is considering all three options for the proposed taxes and fees.

The council is expected to vote on the tax increase by March 7.

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