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The flower shop that stole $50 million in flowers is back in business

The flower shop that stole $50 million in flowers is back in business

A store that was shuttered by the owners last year has returned to the local flower market after a two-week stint in jail, ABC News has learned.

The shop, known locally as the “farms of flowers,” opened its doors in November 2015 at the intersection of North Avenue and Main Street in Fremont, the second location in a three-year-old business chain that began in Fresno, California.

The shop had a total of 30 employees and about 400 customers.

The store also had about 3,000 square feet of merchandise in storage.

Fresno Police said the owner of the business, who was arrested and charged with felony fraud, was back in court Thursday on a $50,000 bond.

He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.

Police said in a statement that the store’s owner, Steven D. Johnson, was arrested Dec. 18 on a felony count of stealing $50.5 million from the Fresno-area flower market and another $40 million from a third shop.

Police said they were investigating whether any other shop owners were involved in similar crimes.

Fremont police said the shop was shut down after the theft, but it reopened in December 2017 with the same name and signage as the other stores.

The Fremont Police Department said Johnson, who is also the owner and sole proprietor of the Fresno Fruits & Flowers, was not a registered employee with the department.

The store’s Facebook page said the Fresno Flowers & Flowers was closed down due to the closure of the shop.

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