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Roses grow across Ireland, while others remain unchanged

Roses grow across Ireland, while others remain unchanged

THE IRISH FOREST HAS BEEN awash with new roses this spring, and this time they have been growing in abundance.

The Irish Forest Service (IFS) reported that the number of rose varieties on offer has increased from around 4,000 to nearly 7,000 in the past year, with the number growing at an annual rate of almost 5,000.

However, while this is a sign that there is more of the flowers than there were a few years ago, it also means that a lot of them are still not available.

It is understood that the first two weeks of spring are the ones when the new varieties come on the market.

“This is where people are buying the first roses and then the last ones,” said IFS director, Mick Mulhern.

“We are seeing a great increase in demand for the roses.”

People are wanting to buy the flowers before they are available, which has allowed them to buy earlier than they normally would.

“The number of new roses being produced is increasing by up to 90 per cent, with some of the most popular types of roses now in the market, like the black, red, orange, white, yellow and orange, said Mulhern, adding that this was also good news for farmers.”

The white roses have really exploded,” he said.”

There are a lot more of them than there used to be, and they are really easy to grow.

“They’re very attractive, easy to care for and can be grown in gardens.”

It is estimated that around 3,000 new roses are produced each year.

The IFS said it was fortunate that there was a lot going on in the world at the same time, as the number one reason for declining flower production was climate change.

“Climate change is a major cause for declining production of new flowers,” Mulhern said.

“There are many factors that are contributing to declining flower numbers.

It is not just the rising temperatures but the changing land and water conditions and changes in climate as well.”

He said there was still a lot to do in the field, and the IFS was looking to increase funding to support research into this.

“I am looking to see how we can get more funding for research into the different types of plants that can be used to create flowers,” he added.

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