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How the ‘D’Word became a symbol of hate in 2016

How the ‘D’Word became a symbol of hate in 2016

As President Donald Trump’s popularity continues to rise, many have begun to use the “D”word in an attempt to discredit a president who is unpopular.

But how the term became a sign of hate is still not entirely clear.

While the word has been used to mock Trump since at least 2016, it is unclear what the meaning of the word actually is, nor is it entirely clear how it came to be associated with hate.

“It has been a popular word for a long time, and people have always used it, and it is just a part of who they are,” said Anna Efron, a political scientist at Southern Methodist University.

Efmon believes that the term originated as a “punchline” and that people use it in a manner that is both “offensive” and “defamatory.”

The word has historically been used by people to identify someone as “unfit,” “unmanly” or “a bigot.”

However, it was in 2016 when the term “Dump Trump” was used in an online meme by a user named ‘The_Donald,’ that the word “went viral.”

“It became a bit of a punchline because people were trying to poke fun at it,” Efon told The Daily Beast.

“A lot of people felt like that was a good way to go after Trump, that it was a way to say ‘this guy is an awful person.'”

In response to the meme, the Trump administration issued a memo that specifically targeted the word and directed the Justice Department to “take appropriate action to block or otherwise deny access to certain websites” in order to prevent “any unauthorized use of the ‘dump trump’ meme.”

The Trump administration also called on internet companies to take down any content that was “deemed to be anti-American, hateful, racist, xenophobic, or otherwise objectionable.”

However Efman said that the “dump Trump meme” was far from the first such meme.

“There was a very specific kind of meme about that,” she said.

“They’re using the ‘Trump’ as a catchall, and the word ‘Trump,'” she said, referring to the president’s nickname.

“And that’s kind of how the word came into being.”

It wasn’t until 2017 that a number of celebrities started using the “trump” meme, including former president Jimmy Carter, actor Will Ferrell, and actress Rose McGowan.

However, the meme has since grown in popularity and was featured in an advertisement by a company called Buzzfeed that was used to promote the upcoming film “The Martian.”

It is unclear if any of the memes are related to the “Trump” campaign, or if they are simply a continuation of the popular meme.

Ebron said that she did not know how widespread the “crowd-sourced” Trump memes were until the company reached out to her, and she said she found it hard to believe that the Trump campaign could have orchestrated this kind of activity.

“If there was any kind of coordination, I’m not sure that it would have taken place,” she told The Hill.

“I think it’s possible, but it’s also possible that it’s a really random, random, uncoordinated thing that just happened, and that there are a lot of things that go into it.”

Efrons analysis of the “trash” meme on Buzzfeed, however, does point out that the internet has been extremely influential in shaping how people use words in the last decade.

Ebfron said she believed that the campaign was inspired by Trump’s recent decision to fire a federal judge for being too liberal.

“The word ‘trash’ is a very important word in this campaign,” she noted.

“In a sense, it’s the symbol of Trump’s political brand.”

While Efons research has shown that the words “Trump,” “Trumpism,” “Trumps,” “trumps” and a number others have been used in a variety of ways, it has yet to be proven that the use of these terms was in any way connected to Trump’s election victory in 2016.

The “dumps” meme is one example of this.

Efbron said there were also instances in which the “Trumppies” were used as a joke or in a mocking tone, but she said that it does not appear to be connected to any specific political ideology.

“These memes have always been an expression of Trump, but there is no evidence that Trump is associated with these memes,” she added.

“No one has proven that these memes are connected to the Trump presidency.”

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