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How to get free flowers in Madison, Wisconsin

How to get free flowers in Madison, Wisconsin

Madison flower shops are popular destinations for tourists in Wisconsin, but some locals have noticed an uptick in crime on the state’s west side.

On Sunday, a group of about 100 protesters marched through the downtown mall and downtown park to the Madison Police Department, where they were met by a police officer who fired at least one stun gun and a stun gun-style weapon.

The officers fired a total of six shots, according to a police report.

Officers have also shot pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets, bean bags and other projectiles at the protesters.

Protesters have been camping in Madison for weeks and have camped in public areas and parks on the west side of town.

“It’s been really interesting,” said Madisons flower shop owner Melissa Eason, adding that she has noticed an increase in crime in recent months.

“People are starting to feel a little bit more unsafe,” Eason said.

“The police are trying to enforce some of the rules.”

One of the protesters told CNN affiliate WISN that police often come to her shop and arrest people.

“They come up here and just do their thing,” said protester Darlene Moore, who declined to give her name.

“I feel like it’s going to affect my business.

I’m scared of them.

They don’t look like they’re trying to arrest me.”

Many of the arrests have occurred during the height of the protests, when crowds have been smaller and the protests have been relatively peaceful.

In addition to the recent arrests, police have also detained protesters in Madison and arrested several people, including two women.

A spokesperson for Madison Police said in a statement that officers are working with the protesters to resolve the issue.

The spokesperson added that officers do not arrest protesters without a warrant.

The protesters said they are planning to go to court this week to try to get back the flowers they had lost.

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