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Tuscaloosa flower shop is back open

Tuscaloosa flower shop is back open

Tuscatoosa, Alabama is back on the business end of the summer, thanks to a visit from the Alabama state flower shop.

The shop reopened at 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 6, the same day as the Tuscannon Farmers Market.

“We were hoping to get back to normal business, but we didn’t have the staff,” said Amy Pernicello, the shop’s owner.

“It was so much fun.”

Pernicellos shop is located at 3145 N. Main Street, near Tuscatella’s Southport Mall.

The shop’s customers come from across Alabama, from Huntsville to Tuscumbia and even up the Alabama Hills.

Pernices shop sells only locally grown flowers, but she said she also sells to restaurants and other businesses that serve the public.

Pentagon spokesman Col. John Kirby said the U.S. government has taken a number of steps to combat the spread of the so-called “fungal blight” in recent years, including the implementation of the Fungal Diseases Reduction and Control Act of 2016.

The law prohibits any activity that causes the spread or exacerbation of the fungus.

Kirby said he couldn’t comment on whether Pernices flowers were part of those measures.

The federal government also has started a program called The Florida Poison Center to help combat the spreading fungus.

According to the U to Z report, the F.D.A. estimates that nearly 1 million people in the U and around 10 million in Florida are infected with the fungus, and that it can cause severe damage to the eyes, respiratory system, liver and kidneys.

For Pernicia, the time was right to return to business after she spent several years as a flower shop in Tuscany.

“It’s been so fun to be back at work and to bring some joy to my customers,” she said.

P.O. Box 638Tuscaloa, AL 35803Phone: 770-742-7444Tuscannon farmers market, Tuscatin, AL 37802Phone: 334-788-1415Pernicia Pernici said she was looking forward to bringing her local customers back into the store.

She said she had a few other stores that were closed, but Pernicas shop has always been open.

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