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The ‘Golden Age’ of Flowers

The ‘Golden Age’ of Flowers

In the early 20th century, the flower market of Bozeman was one of the most sought-after in the world.

Today, there are over 1,000 flower shops and flower-making workshops in the city and its surrounding areas.

One of the largest, the Fountain of Poems, is a popular place to see flowers. 

In this series, we’re taking a look at the past, present and future of the city’s flower and art scene. 

The Garden of the West In 1857, an English poet named William Macdonald wrote a poem about the Garden of West, in the area now known as the Bozemen. 

Macdonald’s poem was the first English poem to describe the area around Bozemans and the area surrounding Bozeville.

The poem is titled “The Garden Of The West”. 

MacDonald’s poem described the Garden in 1857 The Garden of The West is located on a hilltop overlooking the city.

In 1856, the Bozhemen were a small band of settlers who settled the area.

The area was also a popular hunting ground for Indians. 

Today, the area is called the Bozenem, which means “the west”. 

Bozenem has the largest number of licensed flower shops in the entire United States. 

Many of the Bozesem’s customers are local residents and their family members. 

At the time, the Garden was a thriving flower shop. 

One of the first licensed flower sellers in Bozemberks history was a woman named Mary Fenton who lived on the edge of the area and owned the shop, which became known as “The Garter”. 

Fenton sold flowers at the shop and the store became a place for local residents to meet. 

Mary Fenton was known for her flowers and her love of gardening and nature. 

According to Mary Fayette, the flowers she sold were the finest in the whole world. 

She told The Bozemaker: “If you could have the best flower you could buy in the West, you’d have a beautiful garden.

I knew I was doing the best I could, and I was very proud of that. 

Her garden was filled with flowers from all over the world and she even brought the finest specimens back to the shop for the customers to see. 

It was a beautiful place to go and have a look, but it was also filled with trouble. 

A woman called Mary Fennell went to the Garden every morning and picked up her children and took them out to the flower shop to look at their roses. 

Later, the store’s owner would come and visit Mary Fencer, who told her to put out her flowers in the garden every day. 

They’d call me names, and when they came to me, I would just laugh it off. “

They would shout at me and make fun of my flowers.

They’d call me names, and when they came to me, I would just laugh it off. 

I was a very happy girl, but I didn’t know how to cope with it. 

Eventually I got into a serious scrape with my father, who was a carpenter and didn’t want me to go to the city for the summer.

I didn- I didn’t get a job there, so I ended up living in a barn.

I started to get sick of living like this, so one day I went back to work in the barn. 

That was the beginning of my love affair with flowers.” 

Mary Ann Fenton had the Garden to herself Mary Anne Fenton lived on a farm near the Garden, and she took the name Mary Ann Fennel, from her grandmother’s maiden name. 

Fennel was the granddaughter of an Englishman who owned a shop in Bozen and had a son who worked in a shop on the other side of town. 

When Mary Ann’s father died, Mary Ann had the idea of opening her own flower shop at the same time. 

With the help of her mother and her aunt, Mary Anne Fennels family began selling flowers.

Mary Ann found that she enjoyed the business and became the first owner of the flower and garden business. 

Over the years, Maryann and her family would come across many new clients, some of whom had never seen a flower before. 

Once the business became profitable, Maryanne Fennells became a popular patron of the Garden. 

During the 1855 World’s Fair, Maryanne Fennings children would bring flowers from the gardens to her father, and the children would sell them at the garden for a profit. 

After the fair, MaryAnn Fennetts sons and daughters would visit the garden, selling flowers for a large profit.

The Garden was also known for its large

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