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Why is the Bloxburg Flower Shop not open in my town?

Why is the Bloxburg Flower Shop not open in my town?

bloxberg flower shop, which opened in August, was one of the last remaining flower shops in Bloxberg, Pennsylvania.

Now, the shop has been shuttered.

The flower shop was the last of many to close in the wake of the closure of other flower shops around the country. 

The flower shops were closed down because the business owners could not find enough customers to keep the business afloat. 

“It’s sad, because we had a lot of business in Blaxburg, and now it’s all gone,” said Stephanie Schmid, a Bloxsburg resident.

“There are no flowers left here.

And I’m pretty sad because it’s sad for me to see the store closed,” said another Bloxburger flower shop owner, Mark Ziemke. 

A local farmer, he said, also lost his business.

“We were doing about $400,000 a year in flower sales and we’re all down.

We’re not even able to pay our rent,” said Ziemkes son, who has been working at the flower shop for eight years.”

It just shows the level of decline that we’ve been seeing.

I mean, we’re just not getting any flowers,” said local farmer and Bloxburgh resident, Robert Kostrzewicz. 

In September, the Blaxberg County Planning Commission approved a proposal to develop the land where the flower shops are located into an economic development area, which is a state-approved plan for revitalizing blighted neighborhoods.

The commission also approved an additional $40,000 for community revitalization. 

This plan will allow for the development of a $20 million economic development, including the Blxberg Flower Shop. 

But the Blixburger community has been fighting the proposal since the beginning. 

It took years for the community to rally behind the plan. 

 “I think it was a good idea when they did the plan, but it just didn’t work out,” said neighbor and Blxburg resident, Dave Meehan.

“I mean, it’s been so long, it just isn’t right.” 

“They are going to build a beautiful, new building and then they are going back to where they left it,” said Kostzewik. 

He said the community is going to be left behind.

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